In America

It was August and Ohio weather is normally hot and humid this time of year.  But, it remained cool, relatively speaking.  It worked out for me because I wasn’t really looking forward to sweating.

I was home a week and then took a trip to Colorado.  My friend’s mother had sent a few items with me to give her.  I could have mailed it but it was an opportunity to see something as well as spend Eid with someone I know.  Most of my friends in Cincinnati have moved to other countries or other states and cities in America.

My time in Colorado was enjoyable.  Not only did I get to spend time with my friend but I also got to see beautiful scenery and finally try out my new camera.  My first shot was of a tree outside her window, followed by a pillow.  That pillow picture was nice, in my opinion.  And I’m sure it’s an opinion shared by… one else.

On the 18th we took a walk, hike, whatever.  We started out walking along Boulder Creek.  One of my favorite shots is here.

I love seeing places like this and attempting to capture them.  We walked a good while along the creek with me stopping often to take pictures.  I was trying to get comfortable with my new camera.  The timer was on which made for long waits for a shot.  I wasn’t even sure how I turned it on.  I was waiting for the timer when a bee headed toward me.  Needless to say, I ended up with a blurry shot of the ground.

I was fasting but still crazy enough to go through an area of the Rockies.  It was a hike, a fake one, but no one has to know.  Again, I stopped several times to take pictures.  We had planned to go deeper into the mountains but it was too steep.  So we decided to simply follow a lower path and return.  The signs about watching out for bears also helped.  I tried to picture us having an encounter with a bear.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t a pretty picture.

What I also enjoyed was being a “foreigner” for a few days.  We were asked several times where we were from and I let my friend talk.  She’d say Saudi Arabia and I simply ran with it.  When people asked if it was our first time in America, she’d say yes and I’d say that I had come before in the past.  We rode a bus to Nederland, Co and the bus driver was a little obsessed with these “Saudi” women.  “It’s really beautiful up here when it snows. Have you ever seen snow?” he asked.  My friend said she was thinking of saying, “Yes, in the freezer.”  She decided not to.  I told him that I had in fact seen snow before.  So of course he wondered where I had seen it.  I mean, after all I was from Saudi Arabia.  So I told him I used to live in Ohio.  “That’s great,” he said.  Blah blah blah.  My accent is plain as day but he and others couldn’t see or hear past the hijab and niqab.  Another time someone asked if we were students so I said I was visiting my friend who was a student.  Have you ever wondered what zoo animals felt like?  Well, I think I know.

Anyway, here are other shots taken on our journey through the Rockies and Boulder Creek.

This one was taken in a park near Boulder Creek.

It almost looked like the mountains were painted in the background.  The grass was nicely cut and the trees served as a “barrier” between the grass and the mountains.

And the second one was taken in Nederland, Co at the Boulder Reservoir.

Nederland, Co

It’s only 45 minutes from Boulder but the difference in temperature was pretty huge.  A strange, but very nice lady guided us through the area.

We saw houses built high up in the mountains. It wasn’t my first time seeing such things, but somehow on this trip I was able to enjoy it more.  If you’re ever in Colorado, take the time to see it’s beauty.

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