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On the Road to DC

One of the things I do love about being home is scenery. The US has it all, oceans, lakes, rivers, deserts, mountains, forests. You name it, it’s there. So, when I had to make a trip to Washington, DC I had two options, hop on a plane for an hour and a half or take to the road for an eight hour drive. If you’ve been through this part of the US, you know that it’s really beautiful. I love going through Pennsylvania especially because of the beautiful mountains.

I took this trip with one of my sisters who came along to help me drive. It’s a good thing because I was extremely tired from the previous day. I wasn’t sure I should or even could, but I tried to record my view as I was driving. After you see the clip you’ll understand why I said, “tried.” I had two clips but one caused me some difficulty while uploading so I only included one.

This clip was further along I-70/76. There was heavy fog and at times, visibility was almost non-existent. I loved the view because at first glance, it looked like water. All fog.

Long story short, I enjoyed the drive/ride. If you’re ever in America, it’s worth it to take to the road and see all that it has to offer.


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