Mid Year Holiday: To Scotland (Part 2)

Traveler’s log: I made it to Istanbul in one piece. And as I left the plane, I could feel the cold air. I wondered if I’d be able to survive the winter temperatures which are quite extreme compared to the fake winters in KSA. I wouldn’t have to worry for a little while, so I decided to simply look for a place to sit. And it was not going to be easy. I know Istanbul is a large international destination but I had never seen the airport that crowded. People all colors of the rainbow, speaking all kinds of languages were scattered everywhere. It’s a lovely thing to see.

I had some time to kill so I went to the restroom and then changed some money. I got Turkish liras as well as British pounds. I intend to spend the liras on my way back. I checked the board to see if there was a gate number. There wasn’t. So I went to buy some juice and paid the man with both currencies because I wasn’t paying attention. He pointed it out to me and I quickly tried to pay him in the correct currency but he said it was okay. That was nice.

I went again to check the board and finally a gate number, 302, appeared. I made the trek to the other side so that I could just sit and wait for boarding time. I sat outside a little shop and was later asked if I wanted to drink something because “These seats are for customers.” Blah blah blah. Really? I didn’t have the energy so I thought it was a good time to go to the restroom. I thought it would be better to go before boarding. To my dismay, when I came out I found the gate number had been changed to 502. That’s right. It was in the opposite direction. In fact it was where I started. I ran like the dickens because it was close to boarding time. And wouldn’t you know it, I got there all out of breath as they announce the gate number was now 311. It took everything in me not to scream. Actually, there was nothing left in me to muster up the energy it would take to scream. So, that was that.

I did manage to get there and then had to be interrogated about why I was going to the UK. Because I want to, people! As if that wasn’t enough, anyone carrying electronic devices had to take them out for inspection. And just my luck, I had three, my phone, iPad and laptop. I’m glad my goofy laptop didn’t decide to not work and cause me any other “fun.” I got on the bus and simply wished it would be quick because I was getting cold.

I got to my seat and I was unfortunately in the middle. Next to the window was a man who looked almost exactly like my sister in law’s brother. I was tempted to say something, but I figured he was probably not excited about being next to me, lol. And then the person on the other side of me came. Also a man. It was weird being “sandwiched” in that way. I kept telling myself it was only three hours. It turns out it was 4. Yay!

We reached Edinburgh and I went through immigration/customs fairly quickly which was nice. I made a quick trip to the ladies room and headed out, looking for a sign with my name on it. And there they were. We headed out and it was snowing. It was C-O-L-D cold. I was nevertheless excited about seeing the snow. I was so excited that I moved my face veil so that I could stick my tongue out in hopes of catching snowflakes.

I was there! In Scotland! And so the adventures began.

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