Scotland: Will Stop for Photos

Here I am in Scotland in the chilly month of January. Chilly of course is an understatement. I worried about my ability to live in the cold since I’ve been in “warm” Saudi Arabia. And at the same time I really wanted to experience a proper winter.

So, early in the morning, which wasn’t that early since sunrise is just before nine, we set out. I was excited to see frost. Can you imagine? I was even more excited to see that we’re in the middle of winter and the frost I saw sat neatly on green grass. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought it was a first frost. Of course I knew that wasn’t possible since temperatures had been circling around the drain for quite some time long before I got here. And the forecast? Snow!!! Oh how I’ve wanted to see snow. We were on the road traveling from Brechin and making our way to Oban where we’d catch a ferry to Mull Island.

As cold as the road was, I was nice and comfortable in the heated seats. I had great conversations with my hostess along the way. It was nice that she also enjoys seeing snow. We saw snow along the way and I snapped horrible photos as the car moved on. But then we reached a loch which was absolutely stunning and warranted a short stop. What can you take away from this? Scotland is so much more than simply the “land of castles.”

The stunning beauty of Scotland.


And who wouldn’t want to stop for this? It’s awe inspiring. I was so excited and secretly wished we could stay longer. But we had a ferry to catch. Any delays would mean catching a late night ferry. The drive itself was enough, not that I was the one driving. But add to that a person with jetlag and try imagining a longer wait well into the night. I certainly didn’t want that.

And so we pressed on. We stopped a little longer for a restroom break and lunch on the run. But it wasn’t what you might expect. Charlotte, my hostess, had made delicious sandwiches. We had crisps as snack along with cake and hot tea. While we were having lunch, I noticed these little birdies. Apparently they are common in Scotland, but for me it was the first time seeing them. I haven’t gotten a picture yet as they mock me and fly away.

We got back on the road. I marveled at the sun glistening the snow draped trees. It was a dream come true. And I’m not even frozen yet. But I am quickly approaching.

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