Scotland: On to Mull

It was still Saturday, January 17, and I was still enjoying the journey. I continued to snap photos. Some bad and some really bad. I blame it on the fact that I was in a moving vehicle that made many twists and turns. What else can I say? Would anyone expect me to admit that I simply took bad photos? Never! Except when I do.

I alternated between my phone and my tablet, using whichever one I thought would get me the better picture. So I took this one with my iPad. It may not have turned out exactly as I would have liked, but it I do believe it at least allows you a picture into my journey.

Snow on Trees

What’s nicer than the warm sun shining over snow covered mountains and trees? I imagined what it would taste like since I haven’t eaten snow since childhood. Well, maybe it wasn’t that long ago, but I am not going to get into that. There are a few secrets a woman should keep.

Before I knew it, we reached Oban. There a large ferry awaited. Initially, we were worried that we might miss the 4 o’clock ferry, but actually made it there early, a whole hour early. Whew! I was so glad because the idea of waiting until 10 at night didn’t sit well with me or any of us for that matter.

We finally boarded the ferry and found a place to sit. I looked out at the pier and around. The ferry wasn’t very crowded. I’m always happier in a smaller group/crowd, so I didn’t mind.

The ferry ride was supposed to be 45 minutes, so I had the chance to take a look outside from the uppermost level. Of course I wanted to take pictures though I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to stand the chill up on deck. Not surprisingly, I didn’t stay very long. As soon as I was outside my eyes were watering, my nose running. They were probably in shock as was I. I took a few shots with my camera but quickly made my way back inside. Turning into a block of ice before reaching our destination just didn’t seem appropriate.

We all had a cup of tea as I wonderd if I could put some hot tea in my gloves, hat, shoes, everything. My brother warned me. Oh well. I’m sure the next time I travel to colder lands I’ll be better prepared. Not to worry though, I was at least prepared to experience Scotland in a way that no one I know has.

So here I am in Mull, a place that is everything but dull.

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