Langkawi: The Mangrove 

It was our second day in Langkawi and our driver suggested we go on a boat trip through the mangrove. A friend had gone on one when she was there and she also recommended it.

It was raining off and on as we made our way to the location. We weren’t too worried because the skies usually cleared up quickly. And by the time we reached the docking point, it had stopped. My husband paid for the boat and we were on our way. We headed off into the mangrove. It was nice to sit and feel the wind as we zipped through the water. IMG_0468 We were taking it all in and I was snapping away. It’s always about the photo opp. And why shouldn’t it be? I was in a new place with new surroundings and needed documentation. We saw monkeys, lots of monkeys, as well as eagles. We went through a little cave and saw bats, too. That was exciting because I had never seen one up close in real life. I took a couple shots but all I ended up with were black blobs which no one would ever believe were bats. I really enjoyed seeing the monkeys, the bold little creatures they are. We were fasting so we weren’t carrying anything even remotely edible. But, people on other boats did have food. We watched a monkey hop into another boat to grab something to snack on. It was so cute. Though, truth be told, I probably would have freaked out had it jumped into our boat. I’m grateful for photo opportunities, but I am not one to get too close to monkeys or any other furry, feathery creatures. I like some distance between us. All in all the we loved the whole experience. It was peaceful, serene, relaxing. Part of trip was supposed to include going out to the Andaman Sea, but rough waters prevented us from doing so. That wasn’t a problem because I had seen it before and I knew we’d have another chance to see the sea. We headed back and it started raining. At first it was a little and then it was a lot. The rain felt cold. We looked around us as the sky got darker and darker.

I kept snapping, but had to put my camera away because it was coming down pretty hard. I couldn’t and still can’t afford to have my camera damaged like that.

I will admit that I was definitely enjoying the rain. We hadn’t seen any in a good while. We live in the desert after all.

As lovely as it seemed to me, I was getting a little worried. I wondered how soon we’d get back. We moved back by our guide. Supposedly this would protect us from the rain more. You know what? It didn’t. I was getting hit on all sides by the rain and I was afraid I’d lose my scarf. By the time we arrived back, the mountains you see to the right were no longer visible. Interestingly enough, a dry spot on my clothes was no longer visible either. I was drenched and I was dripping. But it was exhilarating. I’d be happy to do it again.


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