Quebec City: Île d’Orléans

Wet and cold, we left Montmorency Falls for Ile d’Orleans. We knew where it was, just across the bridge :D. However, we knew nothing else. But hey, that’s the sense of adventure we could all use.

We were there to search for lavender fields that I had read about online. Perhaps I should have looked up directions while I was online. I did not, and we roamed around until we came to an old church by the river. My husband and I got out to look around for a little while. We were there, so what else could we do? I certainly didn’t want to tell my dad, “Ok, now that we’re in a place I don’t know, let’s go back.” He’s a calm man, but everyone reaches a saturation point eventually. It was C-O-L-D cold! But again, it was a welcome change for me and my husband.

What I found interesting was this…


First I noticed the different colors of the rock. And then, I noticed that this wasn’t just a rocky surface. To my eyes, it looked like a mountain had been turned on its side. Who was responsible for tipping this mountain over and then hammering it down so that it would become coastline? Amazing!

I was also obsessed with the flowers I saw everywhere. And again, we were there. So, what else could I do except take a picture?


I quickly grew bored with these, though. I also knew I couldn’t keep my family there to take pictures of the same flowers over and over again. So, we decided to stop in a little shop across from the church to ask about the lavender fields I had read about.


It was a charming little shop, and the lady who spoke to us was super nice and helpful. And, it was great that I didn’t have to worry about someone speaking to us in French. She spoke English really well with the most delightful French accent. She gave us directions to the lavender fields such that the place would be nearly impossible to miss.

I took a couple drive by photos as we made our way there.

And then we reached the lavender fields. It turned out that there’s more to see than lavender, but we were only there for the lavender. When we got inside to buy tickets we didn’t need, we were met with the aroma of lavender. They had oils, soaps, and anything else you can think of. It was as if we were buried deep inside a bouquet of lavender. All I wanted to do was inhale without exhaling. But, holding my breath probably wouldn’t have ended well for me, so I did have to exhale. So lovely!

I loved it! What’s not to love about lavender? It’s pretty and smells nice. And I can only imagine what it may have looked like had we gone when the weather was more agreeable. We didn’t stay long because we were cold and my eyes were watering due to the wind. We went back, got in the car, and headed back to the hotel.

I leave you with a few photos and these words. If you are ever in or around Quebec City, do make it a point to see this lovely little island.

It is definitely worth your time and effor to see Ile d’Orleans.

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