Quebec City: Montmorency Falls

It was the 7th of July and we decided to go out to visit the Montmorency Falls. It was chilly and it looked like it was going to rain, but that no longer stops us from going out after our trip to Malaysia last summer.

The falls weren’t far from the hotel and were easy to find. We got there and began discussing the climb or cable car ride up. My legs were still sore from Niagara, so the cable car was the obvious choice. I would’ve paid any amount they asked for as long as it meant I wouldn’t be climbing anything.

It wasn’t very busy when we got there, so we hopped on the cable car up with another family.

This is the view as we made our way up to the top. It should be noted, if you don’t know already, that Montmorency Falls are actually higher than the falls at Niagara.

At the top, it’s very nice. We stopped for a few photos because that’s what I do.

I was so happy to see flowers.

It was a nice stop at the top with a wonderful view down below. You can see the bridge to Ile d’Orleans.

It was also a good break from the exhausting climb to the top. As if we climbed, ;).

Finally, we made our way to the suspension bridge that goes over the falls and takes you to the other side.

My dad and husband were excited to go across. My mom? Not so much. Apparently, bridges freak her out. Once upon a time, they freaked me out as well. But I decided that life requires us to build and cross bridges from time to time. Sometimes it’s the only way to see and understand what’s on the other side. Anyway, she opted to go across. If you’re afraid of heights or water, the view from the bridge might be a wee bit scary.

My mom may have been cursing me under her breath the entire time she was walking across. But I lived, and contrary to what she may have thought initially, she did, too.

Once on the other side, we took the path leading to the stairs down which seemed to be a million. But going down is much easier than going up. We stopped along the way and took videos and pictures as the sky dripped and the falls sprayed us.

You should definitely have a rain jacket/poncho if you’re going to see the falls. As I mentioned earlier, it was cool out. And we got wet. We didn’t mind. We live in the desert, so cool and wet were ideal. And by the time we got to the bottom, there was nothing dry. Ahh, good times!

Next stop, Ile d’Orleans….

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