Tadoussac, Quebec

We left Quebec City for Tadoussac. Where is Tadoussac? And where on earth did I hear about it? Tadoussac is a village about 3 hours northeast of Quebec City and situated on the St. Lawrence River and the Saguenay River. The St. Lawrence looks like the ocean by the way. Spectacular! I happened upon it while looking for places to do whale watching, an activity my family and I enjoyed last year while visiting Bar Harbor, Maine. And, what I learned was that Tadoussac is a whale watcher’s dream. It’s a place where you may be lucky enough to see whales right from the shore. So, I was sold and booked 3 nights there.

The route to Tadoussac was a trip in of itself. It was beautiful. I wanted to stop so many times as we made our way up route 138, the whale route. They call it that for a reason. What makes Quebec so special is that you will likely see something amazing at every turn. We hadn’t been in the province long and I was thinking about how I could live there. Why would anyone from Quebec need to travel anywhere outside of Quebec? There’s so much to see and do depending on what you like to do.

As we got closer, it became clear that we’d have to take a ferry to get into Tadoussac. It was a short ride across, but it added to the “adventure” that the whole trip became. The photo below is the view we had one day when we returned from a little day trip to La Malbaie.


We arrived on the 9th in the afternoon. When my husband and I went inside the hotel to check-in, we were met with a nice smile, “bonjour”, and whole lot of French I wasn’t even about to try to understand. “I don’t speak French” must’ve been written all over my face because the receptionist asked whether she should use English or French. I said, “You can speak French if you like, but we probably won’t get very far.” I said that with a smile so she wouldn’t think I was rude. She laughed and thankfully we continued in English. One of the rooms wasn’t yet ready, so we took the cards for one and moved all our bags there. While we waited for all the bags to be brought in, we took a look around the lounge and lobby area. One of the first things I noticed was a puzzle. I knew that would make my mom happy and that she’d probably be spending some time there. I was right.

My parents got the room with a view of the river which was nice. Since we were waiting for the other room to be ready, we decided to walk outside to see the view. First we walked out onto the balcony on the second floor, and then we went outside.

It looked like a little piece of heaven, but then I’d say that about most of what I saw in Quebec. The area is peaceful and quiet. I looked forward to our stay, and more importantly the next day.

Up next, whale watching in Tadoussac.


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