First stop in Alaska: Seward

If you’ve ever been to Seward, Alaska, you know that half the thrill is getting there. Traveling down the scenic Seward Highway was a real treat. On our way down, it was cool and cloudy which my husband and I were happy about. When you live in a place that has varying degrees of summer, a few clouds and cool air really hit the spot.

Though there are loads of places to stop along the way, there were multiple times I wished I could stop in a few other places. I guess that’s the photographer in me. But, there are several places that would be dangerous to stop and others impossible, and then there was the fact that if I asked my dad to stop he was usually well beyond the stopping point by the time he actually did. I’ve learned to accept this. We stopped and here is my dad who doesn’t stop, taking pictures.

Before you get to Seward, you will pass signs and entrances for Chugach National Forest. Seeing the mountains in this area caused me a little bit of confusion because it felt more tropical than what my idea of Alaska was. Well folks, Alaska is not just snow and ice. The Chugach National Forest is actually a rainforest. That means my initial thought wasn’t so far off.


Two plus hours later, we were in Seward. We stopped at the Alaska Sea Life Center where we got to see tufted puffins and other sea birds as well as seals and sea lions. We saw other things but I was mainly interested in the seabirds.

We spent less than an hour there. We stopped for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and headed to the hotel, the Windsong Seward Lodge. I will talk about the hotel in a separate post because I believe it deserves one.

Next, the Kenai Fjords cruise 🚢.

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