The Spice Souq, Dubai

January 15, 2018 – It was my last day in Dubai, so I decided to venture out to the Spice Souq which I had read about. I went down to hotel entrance area and spoke to the concierge who told me that it was about 5 minutes by taxi. So, I got in a taxi and went.

When I got there, I had all kinds of ideas in mind. For sure, I’d see some very traditional items and also get to hear some Emirati Arabic. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I wandered through not knowing what direction I was going in, and that was okay with me. I stopped in a few places and got ideas for gifts. I’m not really good at bargaining, so having someone who is would have been helpful.

I wanted to buy everything, but then I remembered that I would not be able to carry “everything” back to Saudi Arabia nor did I want to break the bank in one trip.

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I kept wandering until I found myself in the Gold Souq. I have no idea how I got there, but I got there. I kept asking myself, “How did I end up here?” It didn’t matter how I got there, I was there. I watched as tourists took pictures in front of shops selling gold like I had never seen before. I did not bother because I was more concerned with getting back to the Spice Souq so I could head back to the hotel. So, I just kept wandering and finally decided to simply look for a road where I could get a taxi. The first taxi I saw, I hailed. I got in. We hadn’t moved much before the driver informed me that he didn’t know the hotel I was going to. Yay! I got out and stood in area I thought I’d be able to get another one. It was getting hot, and I got tired of standing there. What’s a girl to do? I started walking again. And of course I had no idea what direction I was heading in. It didn’t matter because I knew eventually I’d find a taxi or something. I kept walking until I found myself right back where I started. Whew! I felt much better and proceeded to try getting a taxi again.

Needless to say, I made it back to the hotel in one piece. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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