Online Dictionaries

Most of us have managed to find dictionaries when we needed them, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of what’s available to us.  Something offered by each of these online dictionaries is pronunciation of words.  This is great if you’re unsure of how a word is supposed to be pronounced.  They also offer the transcription of words, often in both N. American and UK English.

  1. offers access to both a dictionary and thesaurus, check here.  It also offers quotes, word games and more.
  2. I grew up with merriam-webster so I think it’s great that I can access the same quality in an online dictionary.
  3. Cambridge has always been known for its great language products and the online dictionary is no exception.
  4. Word Hippo is a site I bumped into recently while looking for something else.  Like the others, you can find synonyms and antonyms of words and you can also find sentences with the word you’re looking for used in it.  It has a translation feature as well.  Sorry, at this point, Arabic is not one of the languages.  But who knows what the future may hold?  Arabic could later be one of the included languages.
  5. Oxford Dictionaries

These are my personal favorites.  If you know of any others that you think should be included, feel free to let me know and I’ll add them.


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